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Racial and Sexual Identity

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Alyssa Boyer
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When pondering about way that I would describe myself, I would usually come up with physical attributes and personality traits to portray who I am. While thinking deeper into my true identity, I see more broad aspects as well as social constructions that have made me who I am today. Due to social construction and the culture that I have been brought up in, I would describe myself physically and share the things that I do in my life. I was raised in a place where everyone around me was similar and if they were of a different color, gender or sexual preference I shouldn’t and wouldn’t look at the differences in them. When taking a step back and looking at the differences between other’s identities and my own, I see that I am a Caucasian female. I am an upper-middle class American but I come from French and German decent. I come from different decent, however myself and my family will always identify with American because ourselves and our grandparents were all born here in the United States. I am heterosexual and I have identified as a female athlete most of my child and adolescent life. I was raised going to Catholic Church so I identify as somewhat religious and attend a highly respected university so I am identifiable as student as well. These words that I use to describe myself show the differences between my upbringing and other cultures. I grew up in a pretty well-off family and in a nice area of a small town. As I grew up, the only language that I ever became familiar with was English. As I went through junior high to high school, our community expanded and received a more Hispanic influence. The formal words that I use to describe myself could be different than what other cultures and races would describe me. For example, I would call someone of Mexican decent Hispanic but not when I am speaking directly to them. In...

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