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Racial Color Blindness

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No matter where you are in the United States, when a word like racism is thrown around, its subject and all related material are bound to cause controversy and disagreements. Color blindness, or racial blindness is one of these issues associated with racial advantages or opportunities. It is a sociological term meant to disregard when discussing participation in something. My view on this issue is con-color blindness for several reasons. First of all, the United States is still not seen as truly equal when offering some opportunities. Also, there are not distinctions or classifications for people to base any kind of statistics on. For these and other reason, color blindness used nationally would not be successful in this country. Affirmative action is one case of con-color blindness. This is a method of offering opportunities to certain people according to race, gender, or religion that are misrepresented in the process. In other words, they are not getting an equal opportunity for jobs or education. I believe this helps open up chances for everyone that would normally not offered to them. It creates more of a broad spectrum in the fields of employment and education as everyone is more represented in these fields. Most Americans are split on this issue and with the introduction of racial color blindness; it has created more controversy on the subject of equality. The role of education would be changed dramatically if we did not recognize race. Several scholarships and grants are awarded to minority students as well they should be. Should we ignore race and nationality all together or is this is a method to wipe out all aspects of racism by putting everyone in the same category? That is a question that will undoubtedly be difficult to answer by anyone. Just for the research and statistical area alone, I think we should be categorized by race, gender, or nationality. It should not be viewed as racism when separating individuals this way. I am, by no means necessary, a racist person or in favor of segregation when it comes to everyday tasks. The research, whether it be for medical, educational, or governmental purposes can be useful in solving our issues and concerns for everyone. If everyone was categorized together, we would have no statistical background to study and learn from. This could create chaos in several fields of research. Living in a color blind society would not recognize race and it make it seem that race no longer matters when it is surely important to everyone’s heritage and family. Race is an important identity to people and it should not be ignored or forgotten. Groups like the NAACP, Mexican-American Association, and the several Native American groups around the country would be non-existent. These groups help identify accomplishments and celebrate heritage among each nationality, respectively. Race should be recognized and appreciated for the differences it gives us. The difference in race and ethnicity among people is what makes the United States so unique and opportunity driven. Should we ignore the history that racism has caused us? While people for racial color blindness believe their idea would help erase the past, I believe it is what makes us who we are. The mistakes made in the past regarding segregation, prejudice, and racism were horrible times for minorities. But those troubling times are identifiable with several races and help them remember where they came from and what they went through. Color blindness would not be good for our society. Our race and nationality should be used to identify who we are and what we plan to be. It connects us with our past and helps in the research of several ongoing problems and issues. Let’s use what we’ve learned from our past mistakes to better the future equality for generations to come.



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