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Racial Diversit in Society Workshett

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The economic conditions of African Americans have changed incredibly over the past 40 years. Because of slavery, you would see African Americans mostly in the southern part of the United States. Since then they have spread out considerably throughout all of America. African American’s social status has changed dramatically as well. Before you would not see them with much of an opportunity to have a business, they are now part of everyday life and own businesses, own homes, and do great things in the educational field. Politically, they are just as engaged as anyone else in the United States. We have even had our first African American President of the United States ever. With all the advantages that African Americans have, it still seems as though they are not getting the same compensation in their wages as other groups. This could be in part that the areas that the majority of the United States they live in does not offer very good schooling. A college degree would help them get better pay when getting a job, but they are unable to attend due to hardships their family endures and the lack of help in their area.
Part II 1. Merriam Webster ((2013) defines racism as the belief that some races of people are better than others or poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race. In my opinion, racism affects diversity by bringing down the morale of certain groups. Diversity is about being different and when you have a group that is hateful towards another group; it will affect them in a demeaning way.

2. Depending on where you are located in America determines how racial groups interact with one another. You still have small parts of the United States that are extremely racist in their
CHECKPOINT: RACIAL DIVERSITY IN SOCIETY WORKSHEET roots. So, you will not see racial groups...

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