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Racial Inequality

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Racial Inequality

The two texts, Race Relations by Jean Burgess, and The Only One Who Forgot by T.A.G Hungerford both represent racial discrimination towards black people to a large degree. However, The Only One Who Forgot goes into greater detail about the full effects of racial inequality and how this discrimination impacts on the people involved. The text also clearly highlights the use of childhood innocence and how people aren’t born racist, it is an attitude that they develop as they get older due to society’s pressures. Both texts demonstrate the extremely unjust situations that black people faced during this time and to this day.

Racial inequality is a huge issue within society. A few decades ago it was even more apparent then what it is now. Both texts focus on the damage that this causes amongst individuals but The Only One Who Forgot goes into more detail on the physical and emotional impacts this discrimination had upon the victims. In this story the black boy whose name was Brandy was extremely willing to please the white girl. He is deeply confused when Miss Bella tells the girl not to hang around with him anymore simply because he is black. Miss Bella accuses Brandy of being capable of hurting the girl simply because of his skin colour. This hurts Brandy as he is desperately lonely and only wants to be friends with the young girl. Although the girl is told that she must no longer visit Brandy, she continues to do so anyway. Towards the end of the story, the young girl tripped over and hurt herself. Despite Brandy’s best efforts to comfort her, Miss Bella straight away accuses his of hurting her and hits Brandy. “Nigger! Black, damned nigger!” The physical violence combined with the use of derogatory terms makes Brandy feel extremely worthless. These elements perfectly display the racial injustices at this time.

Both texts portray the use of...

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