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Racine's Life: A Short Story

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and now that the beautiful Racine, was looming in the background, Dana became more insecure about Page.
Page hated the pinch test, the ridicule and constant battles over her weight. Needless to say – on this night instead of the usual father and daughter talk Page was excited to tell Ray what happened at school today. From her expensive ornate pink canopy bed in her illustrious bedroom in Piedmont, California, Page Starr had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had a cell phone for each day of the week, two computers and a MAC thanks to her generous father. Her wardrobe was exchanged for a new one once a year mostly because Dana Ann ordered smaller sizes hoping that Page had lost weight. The Stylist toted bigger sizes for Page
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Some new things were going on in Racine’s life with Juice and she had to play him carefully or she’d lose everything. She talked to her father no knowing how to fix her life with Juice still there. Some troubling things ensured when Robert was calling Racine every day from prison saying how sorry he was she had lost her mother. These condolences did very little for Racine. Moving out of Piedmont to San Leandro was Juice’s suggestion. Ray begged her not to go he wanted her to remain in the era to get to know Page better. Racine didn’t know what was going on with Juice. He fired her staff and placed a secret vault in a hideout they called home now. He insisted she draw 15 million from the bank for him to start a new Gym in Downtown Oakland, California here and abroad she brought 3 homes in Vacaville, she had not told Juice about. Racine needed a place where she could handle her business because she didn’t tell this love sick Brother everything. Racine knew she could not move on until those who had insulted or had done bad things to her beloved mother were dealt with; but had no idea what Juice was doing on the …show more content…
He had asked Dana to cancel her girl’s night out because he had something he wanted to talk to her about. Dana Ann had called her best friend Beatrice who told her;
“Call me back bitch with the tea!” And, Dana Ann promised her she would. Ray heard his wife cancelling the night out with Beatrice, he needed to supply Dana with some information on Racine. He knew enough about Racine to know that she had enough resources bad or good to be a problem for the family and he had to let Dana know they were safe, but it was vital for her to merge into this family accepting Racine fully. For a few days now he had tried to contact his daughter to no avail and had done all but go to her home for answers. He left messages, the first after Page said she met Racine on the school grounds again. Regardless of it this was his daughter, he didn’t know Racine. Something was up. Ray needed to know before shit hit the fan. He wanted to get this out now to his wife good or bad. Ray knew one thing for sure – this new daughter was not going to sit well with his wife – especially when she gauged his daughter was born on their wedding day only 11 years earlier when he should have been there for her and was not. To prepare for the meeting with his wife tonight Ray had asked Clay E to FedEx that picture album they had shared at the Elephant Bar. Clay did. Ray had received the pictures this morning and he and

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