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Racism and Ethnicity

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Race and ethnicity have played a major role in the events of time in and around the world, from the past to present day. Race ethnicity is what is considered to be a group that is classified by their ethnic traits, backround, and association and in turn causes an inequality among races and while these are still very clear issues within the African American, Asian, and other ethnicities, over time progress has been made in the stop to inequality among these races and different ethnicities. In this paper I will show through the comparing and contrasting of two literary works within our text how race and ethnicity have played a role in society for decades. Country Lovers tells of a forbidden love on a South African farm between a black girl named Thebedi and a white boy named paulus Eysendyck. What’s it Like to be a Black Girl tells of what and how it was to be a black girl and when comparing the two they are both great examples of the difficulty of life between different ethnic backrounds. The poems were written during different time frames What’s it like to be a black girl the more recent and are also both unique stories within their time frame and discuss love or that which is the feeling of love. In both the story and short poem the main characters are black women dealing with racism in some form of way and though many of us hate to admit it, we to have dealt with discrimination just like this in some point in our lives and in Country Lovers was detected in the first line.

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