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Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) Technology in Construction Industry


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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is currently being used in such areas as agriculture, athletics, manufacturing, security and law enforcement, and transportation, but few applications have been developed that are related to the construction and facilities operations environment.
Lack of standardisation, high costs of implementation, slow technology development and deployment risks, and the lack of skilled labour are all contributors currently preventing the adoption of new RFID technologies in the construction industry.
The RFID technology can help improve data accuracy by tracking products through supply chains and by identifying products and items/objects at specific points through Automatic Identification (Auto-ID). The technology enables the detection and identification of tagged objects through the data it transmits.
Objective of this topic ‘RFID IN CONSTRUCTION’ is to get an overview of the present application of RFID technology in Construction.

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is an old technology which was already in use for recognition for anti-aircraft gun shooting in World War. Since then RFID has been taken into use for many other purposes, i.e. securing against theft of goods, bridge crossing fees, car keys etc.
The new importance of RFID is connected to certain measures which a group of the world’s biggest retail chains and brand suppliers initiated under the name of Global Commerce Initiative at the end of the 1990’es. The interesting part of the vision is that in the same way as it applies to the bar codes, one set of worldwide standards is sought established which can be coded and read by everyone globally.
The above observations underline the fact that many initiatives are taken in the name of conducting good efficient solutions for tracking/tracing in supply chains. And many good solutions are also found today for

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