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Radio Frequency Identifications Tags

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Radio Frequency Identifications Tags

II. RFID tags have many advantages. A. RFID tags enhance product visibility which facilitates operations. They are made rugged and robust; therefore; they can be used in harsh environments and temperatures. There no positioning problems with RFID tags, they can be place anywhere and do not require a line-of sight to be scanned.

B RFID tags reduce cost. The RFID system reduces the labor cost of the company by providing a good tracking system. This technology can be effective in stock management. It helps to reduce the misplacement of goods because it’s easier to trace. C. RFID tags reduce losses and theft. The use of RFID tags in retail stores are used to keep track of high priced items, to prevent theft. RFID tags easily track moving objects and send the required information back to the reader.

III. RFID tags are used in a variety of ways. A. RFID tags have a longer read range and can be scanned on the factory floor from forklifts and scanners at a distance. This technology is used in the manufactory industry.

There are no positioning problems with an RFID tag, they can be placed anywhere. B Injectable RFID tags can be used for tracking animals easily. These tags have information about the animal’s, medical history and vaccinations.

Information written on the tags cannot be duplicated easily. C. RFID tags are being used to reduce truancy and improve safety in schools. Each child receives a t-shirts embedded with a locator microchips as part of their school uniforms. RFID readers are installed in each school confirms attendance each day. The system is set up to send a daily text message to every parent, confirming the arrival of their child. A text message is sent to parent whose child is not present twenty minutes after the first bell letting them know of their...

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