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Community radio fosters good governance
October 27, 2013 in Opinion
While the technological advancement in this country is pointing to a new world order, where globalisation and simplification of life is happening fast, there remains a gap in our country which if harnessed and supported has the capacity to be the game changer.
Sunday Opinion with Kudzai Kwangwari
The cellphone came and with it text messages, WhatsApp facilities, as well as money-transfer mechanisms while the internet also brought with it major communication developments in Africa but more specifically in Zimbabwe. One area which remains unexploited and untapped is community broadcasting and we believe this is a critical sector.
For many it may be just a communication issue, but it must be viewed from a development perspective because more than anything else that’s what it is.
It is a development tool. Community radio has the capacity to positively affect the politics, social set up of a country, economy and even the culture of a people.
In terms of politics of a country, community radio in this day and age where democracy has become the new political philosophy considered as ideal plays a very critical role in promoting debate and dialogue, which are critical components of a functioning democracy.
Community radio promotes the enhancement of interaction between citizens and the state, which is a prerequisite for any functioning democracy again. This is particularly so, because it promotes good governance where citizens have a say not only in the general running of the country but are able to participate actively in both policy formulation and implementation.
Accountability and transparency are a normal demand by the citizens from their governors, and it is only possible and easier where the media including community broadcasting media is able to operate and function freely and normally without...

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