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Radio in 10 Years

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What the Radio Will Look Like in Ten Years.
Radio has been has been a cultural icon in everyone’s life that is alive in the United States. We all remember growing up singing along to our favorite songs on the radio as our parents drove down the road. The radio has evolved from the in house entertainment to the best free platform available to the driving listener. Cities like Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City have hundreds of stations being transmitted that are broadcasting everything from talk, to sports, or even the obvious choice of most listeners, music. And more and more cultures are being included into these networks. You can find all kinds of different language and culture related stations among the broad spectrum of radio like Spanish, Chinese and even German in some parts of the country. Many people have been attempting to speculate that radio will be voided out in the future, but radio has been the platform to broadcast music and talk shows. The concepts that made radio what it is today is what keeps radio on top. The free available network of radio is going to be very hard to remove from the entertainment business. Unless the Internet is going to become a free entity to the United States and the rest of the world, radio will continue to be the best way for people to get a non visual entertainment.
The question of when will radio be filtered out has been asked for many years. People have tried to say that no one listens to radio anymore because they have all their music that they want to listen to on their phones. This might be true about how people have what they want to listen to in their pocket, but you have to look at the fact that music is a very trendy thing. Even the most popular songs get boring after two to three weeks of listening to them. The radio provides a service that almost nothing else provides, up to date trends. (2)The radio was an…...

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