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The term ‘real estate’ is defined as land, including the air above it and the ground below it, and any building or structures or structures on it. It is also referred to as realty. It covers residential housing, commercial offices, trading spaces such as theaters, hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, industrial building such as factories and government buildings. Real estate involves the purchase, sale and development of land, residential and non – residential buildings. The main players in the real estate market are the landlords, developers, real estate agents, tenants, buyers etc. The activities of the real estate sector encompass the housing and construction sectors also.

The real estate sector in India has assumed growing importance with the liberalization of the economy. The consequent increase in business opportunities and migration of the labour force has, in turn, increased the demand for commercial and housing space, especially in residential segment.

The real estate sector has emerged as one India’s largest drivers of economic growth. The real estate boom in India was inextricably linked to the country’s economic stability, which had made India a preferred investment destination. India is on the verge of becoming one of the fast-growing economies, driven by many factors including multinational entrepreneurialism, local stock markets, robust economy-changing demographics and the overall emergence of India on the global stage. With great demand for housing for India's huge population and for residential, commercial and industrial premises for its booming economy, large-scale real estate projects were launched across the whole country. This transformed the real estate business into one of the most lucrative sectors in the country. A sector which attracted venture capital, and diversified sources of funding including overseas and private domestic...

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Team India's vice-captain, who seems to be the most comfortable young gun on screen, has reportedly signed a Rs.10-crore per year deal with German sports goods giant, Adidas.

 The 24-year-old cricketer will be seen endorsing Adidas' apparel and shoes as per his three-year contract. Sachin Tendulkar was the face of Adidas shoes for quite some time in India but it seems that the master blaster's age is finally catching up on his endorsements.

 According to the TOI reports, the right-hander has also struck a Rs.6.5 crore a year deal with a popular tyre brand that had Tendulkar and Steve Waugh as its ambassadors.

 The new deals will help Team India's probable future captain to beat the likes of MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar in terms of annual earnings per brand endorsement.

With these two deals in his kitty, Kohli is set to take on the big players with an increase in his annual earnings from last year's Rs.40 crore in endorsements. He is currently the face of 13 brands including Pepsi, Toyota and Cinthol deodorants.

The Indian skipper MS......

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...Name: Khuraijam Sonia Devi | Address :Sampangiramnagar ,Bangalore-560027 | Email id.: Mobile No.: +919743547085 | CAREER OBJECTIVE: | * To develop further knowledge in the field of Healthcare and work for the growth of the organization by coordinating, organizing and utilizing technical skills. COMPUTER SKILL: | * Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Powerpoint * Windows * Basic Internet Functions AREA OF INTEREST: | * Hospital Administration * Hospital Planning and Operations * Finance * Public Health * Hospital Information System QUALIFICATION: | COURSE MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration | INSTITUTION GEMS B SCHOOL | UNIVERSITYBHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY | YEAR OF PASSING 2015 | PERCENTAGE | Bachelors in Hospital Administration | Padmashree College of Hospital Administration, Bangalore | Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences | 2010-2013 sem:72%6th sem: 5t | 80.2 | 10+2 | Human Resource Development Academy,Manipur | COHSEM | 2010 | 68.75 | 10th | Little Flower High School, Imphal, Manipur | BOSEM | 2008 | 68 | | INTERNSHIP: 6 months INTERNSHIP in HCG Hospitals, Bangalore | ACHIEVEMENTS: | Topper of Rajiv Gandhi University in 1st Year and 2nd Year of B.H.A (2010-2013) POSTINGS:...

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