Railroad Classification Yard

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Railroad Classification Yard
Guylee Washington
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February 25, 2015

Railroad Classification Yard
Do you know what a railroad classification yard consist of? In railroad freight transportation, shipments are consolidated to benefit from economies of scale. Railroad classification yards, also called shunting yards, play an important role as consolidation nodes in rail freight networks. At classification yards, inbound trains are disassembled and the railcars are sorted blocks. Through this procedure, railcars can be routed through the network in a series of blocks moving on trains in such a way that every destination pair can be served while avoiding a large number of end-to-end connections. Due to the complexity of terminal operations, computer simulation offers a flexible and credible technique to identify more opportunities for yard performance improvements. However, the use of simulation technique to model terminal operations is not a common practice in freight railroads. Throughout this report I will be explaining key factors that depicts the typical operations in a railroad hump yard and performance measurements that are used to gauge the efficiency of yard operations.
In North America, railroad classification yards are classified into two main types: hump yards and flat yards. Did you know that “More than half of the hump yards in North America have closed in the past 25 years? From 152 operating classification yards in 1975, the number dropped to 122 in 1985, and 72 by 1993. In 2002, there were 59 active hump yards” (North America). Mergers and consolidations, and the shift in traffic from boxcars to containers, were the reason for the major decline in North America. A typical north America hump yard is generally divided into three main areas, each of which consists of a set of parallel tracks: the receiving yard, where inbound…...

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