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Rain of Gold

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A Mother’s Hand The Rain of Gold written by Victor Villasenor, is a strong tale of two Hispanic families who escape the Mexican Revolution, only to have their life’s intertwined. Contrary to the customs of the times, both families are run by two strong and independent women. The mothers are left by both of their husbands during the revolution— left to take care of their families. Focusing on one mother, Dona Margarita is the best example of a powerful and influential matriarch. She is left to take care of her family during their trip out of Mexico, and throughout their time in America. Dona Margarita has the strongest impact on her children’s lives. Juan Villasenor is born from a proud family, led by an even prouder mother. Dona Margarita’s main strength to keep on going is the fact that she is a descendant of the great Don Pio. This great sense of pride is passed to her kids, as shown by Juan’s recklessness when he was competing with the other boys. “Juan was full of the devil; he just knew this was one event he was sure to win. After all, he was a Villasenor with Castro blood…”(117). Even though Juan misses the train his sheer determination to go and run after it is truly amazing. Juan’s mother left such an impression on him that when he sees the jaguar, he can hear his mother’s words “Attack, mi hijito! Dont run! Attack! Or he’ll kill you” (125)! Throughout the book, Dona Margarita seems to have this sixth sense about her kids, in which she can tell if her kids are in danger or not. “Your mother,” said the boy, “she said you’d catch us. She told my father last night that you’d…”(126). And sure enough she was right. Dona Margarita is also proficient in herbs and medicine, which makes her a great healer to her children. “For three days, Dona Margarita massaged her son with herbs and had him suck bitterroots…And, miracle of miracles, Juan’s feet, which were…...

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