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Rainsford And The General In 'The Most Dangerous Game'

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In the story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford and the General had a disagreement on hunting. The general loves to hunt people, as Rainsford likes to hunt animals. The General’s hobbie is to hunt people and Rainsford understandably think’s that it is wrong. Rainsford’s characteristics are he is smart, brave, and a writer; however, the General’s characteristics are completely different from Rainsford. And They are: he is a Cossack, meaning he was in the Russian military, and he hunts people for fun. In the movie, when Rainsford was hunted, the General only had one day to survive, but in the book the General gave him three days. Therefore, when it was time to go hunt Rainsford the General used a bow and arrow. In the book he uses a small …show more content…
When rainsford is running in the movie with the girl they see a gap in the clift but in the book there was a pit with spikes and when the General came he was supposed to fall in but when he came one of his best dogs fell in the pit and died then Rainsford gets to the end of the cleft in the movie then he has to fight two dogs and when he fights the second dog he fall off the cliff and the dog comes with him but in the book when he got to the end of the cliff he didn't have to fight any dogs and he jumped off the cliff and the dogs stopped at the edge and looked down and didn't see anything.When Rainsford jumps into the water he swims to the General but before he got there he had to climb a cliff when he cleared the clift he went to the General house and hid in the curtains and waited for the General to come to bed and when he came to the room he looked out the window to the dogs because the where barking and the General said”we will get our prey next time don't worry” then he walked away from the window and seen a curtain move and when it moved he said who is there and rainsford stepped out from behind the curtain and when the General saw who it was he was surprised that rainsford had lived.Rainsford and the General had a conversation and the General accepted his defeat he said rainsford was a good competitor and the General said the key to the boat house is down stairs and said he was free now but rainsford said no it my turn to hunt you and the General said ok let's do it

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