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Raising a Successful College Student

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Raising a Successful College Student
Carol Woods

In order to be a successful college student personal responsibility must be learned at an early age. Children must learn personal responsibility, time management skills, and family values when they are young. If children develop a strong responsibility foundation they will develop into a successful college student. Personal responsibility is something that is taught to you throughout your childhood and developed throughout your adult life. A child is taught family values daily from the time they begin to walk. Parents begin to pass on their own values system and this is what a person’s responsibility foundation is built on. In order for a student to be successful in their college career they must already have been taught personal responsibility throughout their childhood. Children should be given household chores at a very young age, like picking up their toys, making their beds, and even feeding the family pet, at this age they are exposed to the family values at its core. Children begin to realize what responsibility is through these chores. Experts believe that any type of household responsibilities, are important for kids (Dunnewind, 2004). When they develop into adolescence they should be given more responsibility. School work becomes a priority, social groups draw their interest and now they begin to develop their time management skills. Learning how to navigate between class assignments being done on time and turned in for credit or socializing

with your peers becomes an issue that students face. This is when students develop time management skills. They are faced with choosing which clubs to join, which functions to attend and making sure their class work remains top priority. With the guidance of their parents these tough decision can be conquered. Developing good...

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