Ralph Waldo Emerson

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From pulpit to pulpit or does it only appear that way to a few. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s career began in the midst of tragedy and controversy. Emerson first lost his wife Barely a year after marriage in 1831. Emerson then resigned as Pastor of the Second Unitarian Church of Boston in 1832. Both of these events were to be major turning points in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s life. Somewhere around 1833 or 1834 Emerson set sail for the Old World, Italy being the first destination of his journey. Emerson, R. W. (1959) Sherrill, R. A. (Sept 2007)

After some thirty plus days at sea, He finally arrived in the Mediterranean and started his whirlwind tour of Italy. He visited most of the same places frequented by tourist Art Galleries, Churches, and other places of natural beauty and historical significance. The next stop on his tour of the Old World was Switzerland after arriving there he spent the month of June. The third destination of his trip was Paris, France where he was to stay for the month of July. The final stop on this tour of the Old World was the United Kingdom namely England and Scotland. Emerson, R. W. (1959).

After Emerson’s trip of Mediterranean and European areas he again endured another month at sea, back to Boston. Here he spent most of his time with his brothers, mother, and a few of his closest friends. It was during time of his life and career that he was invited to speak at one of his first lectures, addressing the Boston Natural Historical Society. Here is where Emerson went from pulpit to pulpit in his life long journey for truth. Emerson, R. W. (1959).

It is this section of Emerson’s life that intrigues me the most. Our journeys almost mirror one another, or better yet mine mirrors his because he came first. I too took this…...