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Blogging Directions

* Go to and login with your user name and password. * Click on posts and add new. * Enter title and write your post in the space below the title * Be sure to run spell check!!! * Chose a category or categories - On the right side column - that match with what you wrote about. If there is no category that fits, you must login as an admin and add the category. * On each and every post you want on the homepage, you MUST chose the “All Article” category along with your category choice. * Fill out the Headspace box with the title and short description of the article. * Add tags: Click the “Yahoo Suggest” button and chose the tags that make sense for your post. * Save your post, but don’t post it yet! * Custom Fields: This makes it so an image rotates through on the home page. * First, find an image that you like to go with your post, but preferably something at least 586 by 261 in size so that it fits snuggly on the homepage. * Save your image to your desktop. * Click on the “Media” tab on the left column and click “add new”. * Select the file (wherever you saved it). * Change the file title name and click “edit image”. * Then click the “scale” button. * Change the width to 586 or height to 261 depending on the image so that at least one dimension fills up the rotating image and save the image. * Scroll down to the image url, copy the entire string to paste it back in your post. * Click “posts” and click on your post. Scroll down to the Custom Fields. * Pull the menu down and choose articleimg. Paste your image URL into the value space and click “add custom field”. * Pull the menu down one more time and choose featuretext. Whatever you post here will display under the title on the rotating image. I normally just paste the short description from the headspace above. Be sure to click “add custom field”. * Now post your article. I normally check the homepage after to be sure the image is displayed correctly. * Simple right??? HA!

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