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Random Acts of Kindness

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I believe random acts of kindness are related to our class because the health fields are service fields. We will be working with people. We need to be able to get along with others. We will need to be or learn to be givers. They say people get well faster if they have the right attitude. If we work in health services and we help our patients by being positive around them they may get better faster, and I think we will enjoy our work more too. My favorite random act of kindness from the past nine weeks is something that happened here at the local fishing hole on Lewisburg Highway. One day I was fishing there and I caught three big Rainbow Trout. My step-dad Mark and I met a man who was also fishing for trout. He said he was taking his fish home to feed his family. I decided I would like him to have my three fish too. It felt like the right thing to do. Mark really bragged on me to my mom and told her how happy that made him to see me just decide to do that on my own.
I have done a lot more than three a week. Some other things I have done without being asked over the past nine weeks are:
I have written grocery lists, and cooked for the family. One night I made a shrimp dish that was everyone's favorite.
I got a hair cut and the lady was extra nice and did a really good job. I said to her, “ Thanks, you are the best hair stylist ever.” She was touched and we were both really happy.
One day at school a friend was cold and I let her have my hoodie even though I was cold too.
I have helped with carrying in groceries. I will bring bags in from the car in the garage. Mom puts the groceries up.
I have held the door for others. I hold the door for family and strangers at restaurants and such. I hold the door at church sometimes.
I help with watching my baby brother. I play with him. I swing him in the swings. I love to make him laugh.
I make sure out cat has water in the garage.
I have helped my mom and relatives by playing with and entertaining cousins. I let them play with my things.
I have done babysitting of my cousin for free.
I have helped others by offering to get them drinks, food, or anything.
I helped a friend who dropped books.
If someone is making a bed or something I chip in and help.
I get the mail for the family.
Sometimes I help with the dishes.
I pick up the house if company is coming.
Sometimes I shock everyone (even me) and pay for our meal out of my own money just because I want to.
I take care of watering all the house plants.
I offer to carry things for my Grandmother.
If someone is sad I try to help them.
I make my friends laugh sometimes and I try to be optimistic.
I take care of my cousin's fish.
I carry my little brother around when my parents are tired.
I try to look for ways to be kind. Like I grow vegetables and share what I grow even if there is not much to go around. I still have peppers that are producing.
I looked for and found a bracelet my grandam had lost.
I put some mail in my neighbors mailbox that was mis mailed.
I read story's to my little brother.
I feed the dog at my dads house.
I rake the leaves.
I helped my grandma fix the ceiling fans at her house.

Some other people that did random acts of kindness wrote these

If you live your life being grateful for it and are considerate those around you, your life will be much more prosperous. This protocol of human interaction would over-shadow philosophies considering the significance of human existence; which are worthless if you embrace what you have and love those around you. Those that fail to gain this understanding will regret it, most likely when most of their life has passed them by.

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