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Fantasy to Reality

In the past, he was just my fantasy,
I even know some of his biography.
And now I still can't believe he became my friend, my only wish is our friendship will never end. He is a little bit popular in school, but he is genial and natural person which is cool.
I can't forget our first conversation, his overall feature captured my attention. I feel uncomfortable when he's here,
I even feel cold whenever he's near. my spirit suddenly flew, every time he comes out of the blue.

God, The Father

You never chose to hurt me.

Even if I am a sinful lady,

You are always willing to forgive me.

Even if I am moody and naughty,

You still accepted the real me.

I can't imagine life without You,

You are the Father who made me dreams came true.

You gave directions and clue,

in order to follow the path wherever I go.

You were the one who never gave up on me,

You are the one who loved me truly.

You are always there to guide me,

You made my wishes come into reality.


I never thought living in this place,

but for her, I am their cute received grace.

In God, she always prays,

to have a child a little bit same as her face.

She never got tired of telling me,

the person she wanted me to be.

She never gave up on me,

even if I am a brat dummy.

She wants us to be together,

sharing thoughts with each other.

I will never find another,

Cause she's the only person I can "Mother".

Moving On

It's really hard to say goodbye,

to my one and only guy.

It's really hard to tell a lie,

when my friends will ask me why.

My tears came running down,

it can even make the people drown.

And sadly I didn't have the crown,

to be the girl he'll be proud of in our town.

Time is running fast,

but my love for him didn't last.

All I remember is our past,

but forgetting him is a must.

Moving on is what I will do,

even if the pain will be multiplied by two.

He'll no longer be my boo,

cause the past we had is hard to undo.

Girl Facts

Girls may as moody as hell,

But swear they will also treat you well.

Their mouth might be like of a bell,

But life won't be complete without them, I tell.

Girls might be overacting,

They sometimes tell people what they are feeling.

With them, your life would be thrilling,

Cause understanding them is what you will be doing.

Girls may tell you "we're over",

But regret it after they lose their temper.

Apologizing is what they will do after,

That's why girls are the best lover.

Girls may slap and pinch you,

But mostly sweet things are what they do.

Maybe you guys might not know,

But a girl's love is honest and true.

Guy Facts

Guys may ask many girls out,

But there's this one girl who can make their hearts shout.

They will love you without any doubt,

They are the best partners you can't live without.

Guys may play a game,

And winning is what they always aim.

In others they sometimes don't have any shame,

That's why sometimes you think they are lame.

Guys may possibly curse a lot,

But when the girl they like is there, they keep their mouth shut.

The cutest thing guys are good at,

Is making your heart melt in just one shot.

Guys may be naughty when they're with their friend,

But can be a good boy when they're with their girlfriend.

They won't let a relationship end,

And taking care of you is what they always tend.

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