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Middle Ages DBQ
Historical Context The Middle Ages in Europe, a period of time from approximately 500 ce to 1400, have been referred to by a variety of terms: the Age of Faith, the Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and even a Golden Age. The medieval era began with the destruction of the Roman Empire and the disorder that followed, which led to the rise of feudalism. During this period of darkness, the Roman Catholic Church provided spiritual direction as well as many nonreligious functions for the people of the time. Many literary, artistic, and architectural advances occurred.
Soapstone each document, then based on your own knowledge and on the information found in the documents, formulate a thesis that directly answers the question. Organize the information into a brief outline. Write a well-organized essay proving your thesis. The essay should be logically presented and should include information both from the documents and from your own knowledge outside of the documents. Do not type, all work will be neatly hand written. Remember, others must be able to read it.
Which labels for the Middle Ages best describe the era between 500 and 1400 in Europe, The Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, the Age of Faith, or the Golden Age of Europe? You must discuss three labels.

Document 1 In The Middle Ages, historian Frantz Funck-Brentano made use of previously published texts to describe Europe in the ninth and tenth centuries (Heinemann, 1922, pp.1-3)

The barbarians have broken through the ramparts. The Saracen [Moors] invasions have spread in successive waves over the South. The Hungarians swarm over the Eastern provinces…they sacked town and village, and laid waste the fields. They burned down the churches and then departed with a crowd of captives…There is no longer any trade, only unceasing terror….The peasant had...

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