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Services Rantau PR is an independent organization and they are usually representing public relations consultants and in-house communications professionals for its client. Rantau PR is a member of the Public Relations Consultants' Association of Malaysia (PRCA). PRCA is a formal grouping of consultancy firms and it is a firm to train and produce better public relations consultant in order to provide professional services to the clients. Providing professional services to the client is important to build relationship between the agencies and the clients. Therefore, as a member of PRCA, the agencies will better understand of the public relations profession. This is because the members of the Public Relations’ Consultant’s Association of Malaysia have to practice certain code of ethic to assure the employees, the public, clients, the media, fellow members, business partners and suppliers the highest level of professionalism. The codes of ethic including provide professional service to clients, be honesty, respect for member firms and employees.
Besides, Public Relations Consultants' Association of Malaysia (PRCA) also provides an interactive activity for their member where all their members will gather together and share their work. Thus, they will understand how other agencies provide their public relations consultant’s services to the clients. It is an opportunity to get in touch with other PRCA members and it is useful to their work. Rantau PR offers public relations services in all domains including strategic planning and public relations campaigns, writing and general media relation services. Rantau PR offers comprehensive range of services as their market extends across sector such as corporate and finance; consumer and enterprise technology; healthcare; property; hospitality; fashion, beauty and aesthetics; NGOs and so forth. They working hand in hand...

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