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In the last twenty years there has been a tremendous change in rap.
It has evolved do to different trends, atitudes and lifestyles. Rap used to be a type of music of fitting genius rhymes with other rhymes as fast as one could and ones that make the most sense. Nowadays, that is not the case, it has evolved to fit different personalities and styles. From glorifying a life of crime, to whining about how bad your life is, to striving to be as succesfull as you can be and the best person you can be. This is what the rap game has come to. All of which has real effects on the mentality. Depending on your life style will evaluate what you listen to.

From J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are considered the story tellers, the ones who shine the light on being the best you can be and remind you that there are consequences for your actions. This is more of the "inspirational" rap.
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Their music consist more of "living on the edge" and being dangorous but none of which discuss the consequences which is facts, but in my opinion is trash music and is what makes those who don't like rap, hate rap.

Then there is the grungy type music which is the newest generation of rap. Rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and XXXtentracion (silly names) talk more of negative life matters but don't really discuss the positive side of things and that is why they are more of grungy rap.

Rap from its original formed has evolved into something really different and has grown its own branches that are its own new and different types of

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