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Rap vs. Country

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In Denise Noe’s article on the similarities and differences between country-and-western and rap music, she points out and explains the different aspects of each genre. Both types of genres have a couple similarities and differences between them, for example, both country-and-western and rap songs are more based upon a personal story and what the artist has seen or experienced. On the other hand, country-and-western music is more stereotyped towards southern rednecks while rap music is more based upon black people within urban areas. It can be said through the different stereotypes that rap music is more based upon drugs and violence, while country music is more highly presented as having sex and getting a lot of money. The purpose of this article was to inform people about how two completely different genres of music can actually have some similarities to go along with them. This article was intended for everyone who listens to rap and country music to get a better understanding of how they can be related. I thought that the introduction and thesis caught my attention and made me want to read more to find out more about the similarities and differences of two totally opposite genres of music. It can be said that country-and-western and rap songs are the most popular music around today. I think that people enjoy these two genres for the message that is brought out through the lyrics of the song and not for the rhythm or the beat. Music is constantly teaching us something new through the stories of the songs played as people can relate to their own personal problems and experiences or they can learn from what is said within the song. After reading and thinking about this article, I find it pretty funny that all sorts of different cultures and ethnicities listen to all the different types of genres. It is funny because even though there are several stereotypes for each, you still see white people driving down the street blasting rap music with their subs or even an African American listening to some western music. I thought this article was interesting for the most part as I got to see how the different ethnic cultures portray their music through the lyrics and emphasis of how the song is played.

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