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Rap vs Country

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Today there are many different genres of music. There are many types of music for anyone. Country and Rap music may be two most popular types of music. Many people who like country dislike rap music and the other way around. Many people who listen to rap would never listen to country or ever admit to it. On the other hand people who listen to country may enjoy some rap music. In each type of music, they have many sub-genres. There also are many stereotypes that are associated with these different genres of music. Many people think that country music and rap are completely different but they do have some similarities.

Country music originates from the southern states. Country music has been around longer than rap music. Country music started to get popular in the 1920’s whereas rap was started in the 1970s. Many people who dislike this kind of music think it’s a bunch of hicks singing about how they lost their girlfriend, dog or truck. Most country songs tell stories, beginning, middle and end. Unlike rap music, many country songs do not include cuss words or very few of them. Rap music contains many cuss words and sexually explicit lyrics. Also where Rappers sing about drugs, country singers sing about drinking beer. Some believe country singers are only white; in contrast there are some Black Country singers. Rap music was first started in New York City. Rap music consists of rhyming and relies on technological tricks to sound good. Most rap singers sing about money and all the luxuries it brings. However, on the other hand, country music is mostly about hard working Americans. When people think of rap singers they think of gangsters wearing tons of jewelry. When people think of country singers they think of rednecks wearing cowboy hats and boots. These are stereotypes that people refer to when thinking of these two genres of music. Each artist has their own way of interacting with the crowd whether it is jumping off the stage into the crowd or walking through the crowd and singing. Obviously the type of music is the biggest difference between the two shows. Even with their differences each show is always a good time and a lot of fun. The musical instruments are very different. At a country concert the mood kind of changes with the song. They also use special effects such as laser lights or fog machines and at the really good shows there might even be some pyrotechnics. The actual music during a rap concert is mostly up beat and most of the time there is two or three people on stage singing the same song. There are many different places for these artists to perform. Since most of the songs at a rap concert are up beat the mood and the atmosphere pretty much stays the same the whole show. Also many county artists perform at fairs and carnivals during the summer. Both shows usually contain a couple opening acts and then the headliner. Both types of concerts attract huge crowds of people. Sometimes there is even a violin a banjo or a harmonica. Music is truly an American artistic creation that all of us should be proud of. Unfortunately, we have two music types which in their beginnings were thought as a "Fly by Night" art. Thanks to the strong support, given by the loyal individuals who started these art forms; we are still blessed with a creative ingenuity of music called Rap, Country & Western. There are many similarities between rap and country & western (C&W). Primarily, the two genres of music have a strong history, different types of their music, and a unique use of the performer and instruments, and at times they both romance the opposite sex.

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