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Rapid Fire

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Marketing management
MBA 507 Fall semester, 2014 Executive summary

“Serial entrepreneurs”

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“Serial entrepreneurs”

Learning objectives

1. To understand the marketing strategy and the shifting source of competitive advantage. 2. To explore the concept of a company success and meet the founders who changed the concept and face of business. 3. To understand the key part of marketing engine how its work on to measuring success. Brief summary

Businesses have sought competitive advantage in “upstream” activities related to making new products—building bigger factories, finding cheaper raw materials, improving supply chain and distribution efficiency, build better products and so on. But those easily copied sources of advantage are being irreversibly eroded, and advantage increasingly lies “downstream”—in the marketplace. Today the strategic question that drives business is not “What else can we make?” but “What else can we do for our customers?” This new center of gravity demands a rethink of long-standing strategy principles:
First, the sources and locus of competitive advantage now lie outside the firm, and advantage is accumulative—rather than eroding over time as competitors catch up, it grows with experience and knowledge.
Second, it’s no longer about having the better product but about how you position yourself in the market and which companies you...

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