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Financial Ratio Analysis of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.

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Dr. Sujit R. Saha
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01st January 2012

Company Overview:

The Company was incorporated on September 29, 1999 under the Companies Act 1994 as a public company limited by shares for carrying out all kinds of banking activities with Authorized Capital of Tk. 38,00,000,000 divided into 38,000,000 ordinary shares of Tk.100 each
The Company was also issued Certificate for Commencement of Business on the same day and was granted license on October 05, 1999 by Bangladesh Bank under the Banking Companies Act 1991 and started its banking operation on October 24, 1999. As envisaged in the Memorandum of Association and as licensed by Bangladesh Bank under the provisions of the Banking Companies Act 1991, the Company started its banking operation and entitled to carry out the following types of banking business
(i) All types of commercial banking activities including Money Market operations.
(ii)Investment in Merchant Banking activities.
(iii)Investment in Company activities.
(iv) Financiers, Promoters, Capitalists etc.
(v) Financial Intermediary Services.
(vii) Any related Financial Services.

The Company (Bank) operates through its Head Office at Dhaka and 36 branches and 5 SME Service Centers. The Company/Bank carries out international business through a Global Network of Foreign Correspondent Banks

Mission of MTBL:
We aspire to be one of the most admired banks in the nation and be recognized as an innovative and client-focused company…...