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Rave Season

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Towson Times News
Rave Season: Annual Pilgrimage to California
By: Argirios D. Stakias

Exactly 17 days, 13 hours, and 57 minutes from now (10:02:50 PM 24 March 2014), the first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will commence. Ravers all around the globe have waited an eternity for this moment. 10 January 2014 at 10 AM, credit cards were at the ready as the battle for ticket claim commenced. Losing 435 dollars just for general admission and a shuttle pass never put a smile on someone’s face like Coachella could. Although, some did mourn their loss of settling for weekend two. Their fingers just did not type fast enough in the two minutes allotted to type in credit card information. They will now have to wait a total of seven extra days to witness raving in its glory. Tears roll down their face because they know weekend one is always better than weekend two. But who cares because at least they won’t be alone. Molly and Mary Jane will be their best friend. Weekend two will no longer be a drag. There’s no need to cancel the thousands of dollars total spent on a hotel, a plane ticket, transportation, food, and “free-spending money.” Oh wait! Most do not even need a hotel. Have you ever heard of a tent? Of course you haven’t! You, my friend, are just not a reincarnated flower child. You live a lifestyle of music with words. Ravers would not expect you to know what kindness, community, communal showering, and candy means. Oh, candy? Ravers make them weeks before music festivals. On top of the thousands spent they use more money to buy plastic and beads for bracelets called candy. Each bracelet has a motivational word on it like, “LSD” or “THC.” These bracelets are exchanged ceremoniously but of course only ravers would understand because everyone else isn’t spiritually connected with the Earth. Ravers clasp hands and pull one bracelet from their wrist transferring it to the wrist of another. These will return home and serve as a memory not of a complete stranger but of a music festival, which they totally remember to tell everyone was fantastic because they were 100% sober. The solution to all of this is… No solution. The government seems to be doing a good job of it themselves. Coachella along with Ultra and EDC (Electric dance carnival) really are the best things in the world because turning their back to the abuse of drugs is more economically stimulating than spending money on arresting minors. What do ravers and the California state officials have in common? They both have a countdown for Coachella… every year.

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