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Raving Fans

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Management 402

Midterm Examination

Raving Fans suggest that satisfied customers just aren’t good enough anymore, and a company should strive to have “Raving Fans”. Throughout this book there is many obvious ways to connect the subject of the book and lessons that have been taught about the topics we have covered thus far in the semester. I would like to look into specific organization examples that we have discussed in class and talk about them in relation to this book. After reading Raving Fans, I discovered that the book has three main lessons. The first is “Decide What You Want”. The second is “Discover What the Customers Wants”. Last is “Deliver the Vision Plus One Percent”.

What are the values of the company? Whether it is your own company or the company you work for this is something that is not looked into enough when first starting out or when applying for a position. The values of the company set the culture and tone for how the organization is going to function and complete everyday aspects within the business. The values of the company not only affect the culture and tone, but they also reflect the people of the company all the way from the top to the bottom. In class we specifically talked about Caterpillar. Caterpillar is a worldwide business mainly known and recognized for the heavy machinery that they produce. When looking into Caterpillar in class we said they had two main ideas. The first is to ensure that customers using their equipment make more money than if they were to use the equipment of a Caterpillar competitor. The second is to market the lifetime costs of their equipment, not the purchase costs of their equipment. Both of these concepts are general and need much more detail and strategy to go along with them, but in the beginning stages of creating Raving Fans this is a tremendous example of deciding…...

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