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Ray Bradbury's Use Of Literary Devices In The Veldt

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Bradbury’s use of literary devices
Ray Bradbury uses unique literary device to help form his stories, which gives us a better understanding of what he is trying to convey in his stories.Ray Bradbury's writings all originate with an idea.After this idea has been established, he creates character to personify this idea. To better understand the close relationship between his characters, also his major ideas or a theme which appears throughout his stories is Bradbury's imagery.
One example of literary devices is personification, which gives non-human things human-like qualities. An example of this is in Bradbury's story The Veldt when Bradbury writes , "Until this day, how well the house had kept its peace. How carefully it had inquired, "who goes there? …show more content…
By using foreshadowing, Bradbury creates suspense, making the readers eager to know what will happen next.This literary device often occurs as an unusual statement which issues a strong warning such as an example from A Sound of Thunder, " So be careful. Stay on the path.Never step off!". Bradbury's story, The Veldt there is also immediate foreshadowing as Mr. and Mrs. Hadley's death was foreshadowed throughout the story, from finding Mr. Hadley's wallet to Mrs. Hadley's scarf, Bradbury has made it clear that the children has replaced their parents with technology. "This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents." The most significant was in the story A Sound of Thunder, where Eckels receives a descriptive warning when he asks a question.Bradbury had the character lays out the possible ripple effect which one ill-fated move can have on the future. Later in the story it rings true as Eckels with the rest of the group later realized that the death of a single butterfly has dramatically altered the world they had once

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