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“Religion poisons everything”
Religion can be defined as the human need for meaning and purpose of life which is concerned with the supernatural power of the creator, the inevitable forces of the natural and spiritual world and how we interact with mysterious forces. It is a society or community based on similar beliefs, friendship, companionship and support network. Religion has made significant contributions to the lives of individuals as well as society as a whole.
Religion proposals an individual’s answers to life’s philosophical questions. It explains the story of creation, human nature and the purpose of life. Also, it gives the individual an identity within a certain religion. It gives the person a logic of belonging which helps for them to understand what their role in life is and the nature around them.
Religion has made significant contributions to the life of a person in areas such as the personal search of meaning, ethical guidance, sense of belonging and ritual meaning. These areas have specifically impacted on individuals.
The primarily contribution would be the personal search for meaning. A person examines for a better understanding of key questions in life. These questions of life include a human’s origin, purpose and destiny. People will look at religions at times of many diverse situations where they want to discover the answers to their questions particularly during times of personal trauma or crisis. E.g. someone who might be struggling with family problems.
Moreover another area of contribution is ethical guidance. Ethics involve moral decision making in which an individual agrees to act in a particular manner. Religion compromises an individual a system of ethics that will guide the person in behaving appropriately. It advises a person how to treat or turn to themselves and the people surrounding them in the environment. Ethical guidance...

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