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Adam Ramirez
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11 April 2016
Definition Essay By definition failure means a lack of success or the omission of expected. Some come across a difficult situation whether that be an arithmetic or life problem where they feel as they can not meet that expectation or figure out the answer. This feeling of this lack of accomplishment called failure. The most successful people of our age, have experienced this feeling inside of them, now they look back and are thankful that they had an opportunity to go through that failure. If Bill Gates the creator of Microsoft had given up after one failure he wouldn't be as successful as he is now, but if he felt that he had been defeated internally who knows where he would have been. Defeat is a feeling that only you as a person can make yourself feel, not like losing a game of football but that uttermost disgusted feeling within yourself saying to your self you can not go on any more. Someone can make you feel as of you failed them in not meeting a certain expectation but, once that simmers inside of your head long enough you end up feeling defeated in your own mind. The difference between defeat and failure is simple, failure is only a temporary feeling that you can get over pretty quickly by doing something that will make you happy. Defeat within a person means that they have given up not only on what they tried to achieve but in them selves. When someone is in that state it is hard to get them out of that mind set. If you look at Boxing for example, the two boxers have a lot of momentum and their goal is to win the fight. Now in the last rounds of the fight it always comes down to who has more heart. One boxer can be losing every round but still has a chance at winning with a knockout, but internally he already feels defeated so in that case he will lose. You can learn from failures but you can...

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