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Re - Organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper

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Re-organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper
Learning Team D
Scott Phillips

Decision Making:
In our Decision Making Evaluation, we as a group most commonly agreed that the biggest factor to easing the “Layoff” would be to have a trained individual handle the situation. This would solve issues for all classes of individuals that are being relieved of their duties in a business setting while keeping the professionalism present in the process. Through other research there were other options available to remove the “Layoff” issues and it was best shown in Daniel Panger’s, “Alternatives to Employee Layoff.” Panger explains how the amount of money and time put into training an employee gets wasted when the employee gets laid off and expresses other ways to approach situations that demand change. The idea of reducing workdays and weeks is brought up to save money and escape the Layoff (Panger, 1971). The issues seen with this technique is in the long run it would seem to simply prolong the issue and still lead to a layoff. That leads us to the decision of having a prepared and educated person handle the laying off process.
Implementing the Decision: For a businesses to use this solution there is many things that must take place and the most important would be to establish a formula and fundamentals that will be present in the process. There are fundamentals from others studies that have already been used and a business would receive a solid insight if they were to see other businesses fundamentals. A business could morph the fundamentals of others with their own to make their fundamentals the best possible. As seen in Fred Mendelsohn’s “Layoff Fundamentals” there is a certain criteria that must come into play when laying one off. To ensure the employee is getting laid off for the correct purpose…...

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