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Family Assessment
Casey Schuler
Bemidji State University

Family Description
The family discussed in this paper is a blended family. Included is a stepfather (SK), age 50, a mother (LS), age 48, and three children (TS, MS, LS), whose ages are 26, 21 and 18 respectively. The mother is the biological parent of all three children from a previous marriage which ended in divorce from alcoholism in her spouse. The spouse and biological father (GS) has a distant relationship with the children and does not live close. The stepfather also has a child from a previous marriage who was adopted by his uncle and aunt. SK’s previous wife (PK) and youngest child (JK) from that marriage are deceased after an automobile accident. The K family combined 8 years ago when SK and LS had met on an online dating site and fell in love.
The step father SK is a business owner who runs an automotive repair shop. He is the primary breadwinner for the family. The mother LK is retired from her previous job due to disability, but works part time for the public school system preparing food for the lunch programs at various schools. She also helps at the automotive shop doing customer service work when needed.
The children are all about 4 years apart and have only loose bonds due to the age differences. The oldest son TS no longer lives at home and works construction and is not married. The youngest has also moved away from the home due to indifferences with the step father. Her relationship with the family is somewhat strained and she does not live close by either. The middle child, MS has recently moved back into the home and has also just given birth to her first son JS. MS had no complications during the pregnancy. JS is a healthy child and is 6 months old. ED is the child’s father; he is helping to support the child but not living in the home.
In general, the family is described as...

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