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Teenage depression is a problem all over the world, and can affect any family with children. Teenage depression is sometimes ignored as many parents and guardians do not notice the signs and symptoms. Signs of teenage depression include:

1. Withdrawal from friends and family members
2. Trouble in romantic relationships, if any exists
3. Difficulty getting along with others, even their peers
4. Anger or hostility
5. Sadness or frequent crying
6. Loss of interest in their activities and hobbies

Many factors also contribute to the development of teenage depression. Some of these factors are:

1. Being a victim of violence or abuse
2. Having other family members who have committed suicide
3. Having a dysfunctional family
4. Living in a stressful environment
5. Have a disability or disorder that significantly affects one's life

Nurses may also have to intervene when they suspect that an adolescent is depressed. Nurses could establish some sort of positive and comfortable relationship with the adolescent so that they can share their story. The nurse can use this information to determine how severe the depression is, and what kind of action they can take to solve the issue.

In terms of primary health prevention, parents should be informed about the signs and factors that lead to depression so that they can try to help as early as they possibly can. In terms of secondary health prevention, the adolescent's depression should be analyzed so that it can be treated, such as by removing them from a high stress environment. In terms of tertiary health prevention, the adolescent should be slowly put back into their community but without any of the factors that lead to their depression so that it does not reoccur.

Many resources are available to assist in aiding with adolescent depression. The California Youth Crisis Line is a way for people to get help…...

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