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A comprehensive assessment of the geriatric patient is very important for many reasons and the first being a baseline if nothing else. Today when we use the term geriatric or elderly this does not mean that this person is in a wheelchair or walking with a walker, it is in regards to where they are in their lifespan. Therefore a comprehensive assessment for one may be totally different for another. The healthcare provider needs to keep in mind that this could make the geriatric patient have feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.
Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) should being with collecting a health history by interviewing the patient and their family members if needed. The healthcare provider wants to promote an efficient exchange of information and build a rapport with the patient and family. The healthcare provider needs to speak clearly and minimize distractions, give a brief overview of what you will be doing (Lynder, 2011). The CGA can also be done with an interdisciplinary team (Hirth, 2003). The healthcare providers are looking for current and past medical history. A list of current prescription and non-prescription medications are to be recorded.
Next we can move to the physical examination, head-to-toe assessment. The healthcare provider would start by assessing: * The skin, looking for moles that are dark or irregular in size, bruising and elasticity of the skin. Checking for pressure ulcers or sores that are not healing properly (Lynder, 2011). * Assessing the hair, look for pattern of baldness, thickness or hair loss. * Assessing the nails, look for curved or flat surfaces; take note of color length, and cleanliness of the nails. Take note of clubbing of the nail this could be an indicator for cardiac or pulmonary function. Take note for yellow or brown discoloration, possible sign of a fungus (Lynder, 2011). * Assessing the…...

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