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The Relevance of Business Ethics
Interview With: Nick Oddo
Jack Woodberg
Business Law
Professor Pike

A person that has spent over three years in businesses involving marketing and reaching out to help those in need is Nick Oddo. Nick was once a Baker College student studying business and choose to use his skills to help those get back on track to financial protection and freedom. The company he currently works for as an independent business owner is Motor Club of America. This company is rivaled with AAA coverage, and their goal is to give people the most reliable and substantial protection while driving. The company also offer’s cash rewards to those that bring in referrals. Nick claims the highest reward he can ever have is when he has made people financially independent and protected so they can go on living the life they have always desired.
The ethical issues involving MCA are the fact that there advertising must be consistent with what they offer. There is an imperative for Nick to identify the company’s company plan and make sure that their insurance packages have required coverage. In Motor Club of America the insurance coverage is legally bound to protect those when on the road. Meaning to take advantage of the insurance one must be having a problem with their vehicle and no other property, personal injury outside the vehicle, and legal troubles such as being arrested. They offer a written contract agreement that is paid for on a monthly basis. A major perk to the company is that even clients can make money by referring friends to purchase subscriptions. One referral alone can end up paying someone’s monthly fees, and any additional leads to personal revenue.
Nick said he has had people get a ticket and use MCA plan to get a lawyer and fight the ticket and that was fine. However, people have tried to use MCA for an insurance policy in…...

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