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Reaching the Muslims

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Reaching the Muslims

What approach would you make in reaching the Muslim world? According to Olson, the best known missionary to Arabia was Samuel Zwemer, who was called the “Apostle to Islam.” He also founded and for many years edited Muslim World, a journal devoted to the Christian mission in the Muslim World (page 189). In addition to the helpful information included in Zwemer’s journal, he has written another 50 books in which to educate missionaries in reaching the Muslims. In my opinion, our missionaries would do a great service to the Muslim mission field if they were to use his books to familiarize themselves with the Muslim people in an attempt to understand their belief system. Another source I came across in my study of this vast subject was the bibliography compiled by Warren G. Chastain (Treasures in Paper). I agree with his statement, “In the past, mission agencies have sent out workers with a minimum knowledge and exposure to Islam. And many workers still go out hoping they will learn on the job but still unaware how to dig in and set up a study program for themselves”. I believe that this bibliography can be used as a tool for preparing Christians to be witnesses to Muslims, as it lists various educational books that offer insight on their religion, culture, traditions and language. I believe that all forms of outreach in the Muslim world should begin with understanding what the Muslims believe. My approach to reaching the Muslim world would be reaching them through medical outreach. In my opinion, medicine and medical aid is the perfect opportunity to build a bridge in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to peoples in restricted nations. Medicine can be a bridge through medical and non-medical Christians that set up mobile clinics in remote areas and countries in which medical treatment is not afforded. It's a great opportunity to...

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