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Reaction About Fraternity in Philippine Setting

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REACTION: Fraternity nowadays, especially in our Country is a major Problem. In the Article that I gave is all about the fraternity in the ancient times, I think there’s no update for the latest Fraternity happened. When I search about the article, it talks about the ancient fraternity. It always based in the United States, where it was believed to be the place of the Beginning of the fraternity. And when I search the article base in the Philippines or in the Philippine setting, the one that pop out is about news related to fraternity and there’s no information about fraternity in the Philippines. It also pops out the Different names of the fraternity. As far as I know, Fraternity in the early times is kind of brotherhood, it is where they formed a group of friend to help each one of them, where members must bond, interact and live together over the period of the college life or for some High School life. This club becomes a place for members to meet, socialize and create friendship amongst other members. As a result each member gains recognition, sense of belonging in a family and an ability to feel needed and wanted by the club. One of the most controversial legacies left to the modern fraternity or sorority by past generations is the tradition of physical, psychological, or emotional testing of its potential members as a rite of passage to full membership. Here in the Philippines, Fraternity refers to a ‘Gang o Gangster’, but not all. They call that such name because of their violent crime done. Hazing has always been seen as a secretive campus activity when it comes to fraternities and pledging. Indeed joining a fraternity or sorority is not an easy one. In fact it is very difficult physically and psychologically. Each organization has its own recruitment and initiation procedure which consists of group and individual activities. Generally, this is a long process lasting for weeks or even months. There are requirements for entering a fraternity and sorority. However, the problem with initiation is that hazing is believed to be a part of it. This is the most critical controversy known by the public when joining a fraternity and sorority. In fact there have been cases brought to court as regards students under initiation who died because of hazing.

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