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Water is very important to us specially to all species of fish because, without water fish not alive, but boni comandante a successful entrepreneur he wasn’t a scientist but he found and gathered another information, knowledge and ideas on how the fish alive, same texture, less expense and exporting to other country without water.
Put’s fish to sleep? This is a crazy and unvailivable idea but with this idea, boni comandante become succesful and become a millionare.
Influence of other people specially boni comandante do some research regarding to the fish puts to sleep he eventaully succeed and he become a successful. Boni comandate story a succesful entrepreneur i am so much amaze and idolize him, and one thing you have to remember, if thier is one thing you discover dont wates a time do some reseach or gathered other information to become successful.


Bonifacio Comandante Jr., was born in the island of siquijor ,his father was an architect and his mother a nures .boni comandante gradauted from the university of the philippines at los banos with the degree in agricultural engineering. He went to work for a government irrigation and boni comandante won in the international category of the University of San Francisco business plan competition in California. He, invented the technology by undergoing a conditioning process in which the fishes, or any marine species, are held overnight in filtered, circulated seawater at about 30-degrees Centigrade without feeding them. The fishes are transferred afterward to another tank filled with brackish water initially kept at four-degrees Centigrade, then gradually allowed to reach 18 to 20 degrees Centigrade.
An anti-stress conditioning and acclimatizing then follows by adding a mixture of a liquid solution called Buhi Blend, developed by Comandante, to the conditioning tank, immersing the…...