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Catheranthus Roseus
Cathy has finally found the missing piece of the puzzle that had intrigued her all her life. The information that she has gathered today puts in into perspective her existence and that of her family. She is amazed how just a single word of an old man has given meaning to her so many facets of life. She is so touched by all the stories that she starts writing her own story: one she has just come to know, a story of knowledge, patriotism, care and love, a story born out of great patience. I am Catheranthus Roseus. I have always hated my name…until today. As I now begin to write my story, I realize that the reason for my name goes back generations and its meaning and insignificance is intricately woven in the past of my family and in my culture. I was told that my great grandmother passed away
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When I inquired why he was posted there he replied that officially a guard had to be posted and that it had always been so. I found it ridiculous: why was there an official guard positioned in the middle of nowhere? What was he supposed to be guarding?
Since the guard could not provide me with any answer, I decided to probe further. I talked to the locals, none of them knew. The palace’s caretaker informed me the guards were posted according to the postings commissioned by the last king. No one ever looked into the matter. They blindly followed orders but I could not let a paid guard stand there for no reason. Besides my curiosity was already aroused!
A week later, a local told me a very old man, of 105, might have the answer. I went to visit him this morning. I sat beside his bed and introduced myself, I am Catheranthus Roseus.” On hearing my name the old man’s eyes widened and his body seemed jolted as if by a sudden bolt of lightening. He sat up and in tone of love and reverence he stroked my head and said, “

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