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Reaction Paper-Week IV
Beverly L. Clanton
University of Phoenix
Molly Holmes

Reaction Paper-Week IV
The nonfiction stories I read for this assignment were “Salvation, by Langston Hughes and Graduation, by Maya Angelou.”
In the story “Salvation,” a young sinner, Langston Hughes, is brought to church by his aunt to “find Jesus." Even though Langston felt no connection to Jesus, he felt obligated to pretend, due to his love for his aunt. In our lives, many of our decisions are influenced by the ones close to us because of the love we have for them. We do not want to disappoint our love ones; therefore, occasionally one may defer goals and aspirations in fear of not receiving approval.
When Langston Hughes says “So I decided that maybe to save further trouble, I‘d rather lie too, and say that Jesus had come, and get up and be saved.” Having said this, young Langston has apparently overlooked his personal belief to receive an approval of salvation by the congregation.
After reading this story, I realized that everyday individuals are faced with hundreds of decisions and choices. Sometimes our consciences conflict with one another and it is hard to make the most beneficial decision. This happens so often that most of the time it will go past unnoticed. Peer pressure is one of the most common of these "bad consciences." Teenagers are the most vulnerable to peer pressure because of their desire to receive approval from their friends. Even in my own life I have been faced with making decisions based on the approval of others. Case in point, I married at age 20; I changed my mind about getting married, but in fear of hurting others I put my feelings aside because my mother had already spent her hard earned money and the wedding party had already paid for their attire, I felt obligated to go forward knowing that I truly did not love my future…...