Reaction to Personality, Cognition, and University Students’ Examination Performance

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Personality, Cognition, and University Students’ Examination Performance
Reaction to Personality, Cognition, and University Students’ Examination Performance The empirical article that has been reviewed was that of the study that explored the relationship between personality traits, type or motivation, and goal specific cognitions as antecedents of degree performance amongst undergraduate students. The studies used several methods in order to produce the results that were discovered. In the area of personality traits the five factor model was utilized. In the breakdown of types of motivation the researchers determined their findings by using the self-determination theory. Lastly when it came to goal specific cognitions the results were formulated by that of the theory of planned behavior, also referred to as the TBS. Throughout the article that was presented there seemed to pose more then just one hypothesis. Phillips, Abraham, and Bond first hypothesized that the theory of planned behavior measures would predict final degree results. The next thing that Phillips, Abraham, and Bond hypothesized was that intention would be the most important predictor of final marks. The three gentlemen also expected that perceived behavioral control, attitude, and subjective norm would be strong correlates of intention to get a good degree. The last but certainly not least thoughts they hypothesized was that good-student identity and anticipated regret would explain further variance in intention. In order to perform this study Phillips, Abraham, and Bond originally had asked one hundred and sixty five students ranging from the ages of twenty to forty nine to participate in the study. Out of the one hundred and sixty five students that had agreed to participate one hundred and thirty two were female and thirty three were…...

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