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Read-Only Participants

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Read-Only Participants: A case for student communication in online classes.

Online learning is conducive to that of the traditional onsite learning facilities. There are some students who fully participate in the experience as well as those who take their learning environments for granted. A summary of the required reading “Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classes” will support the noted claim. The study was completed to measure the various behaviors of the online learner. The research gathered the behaviors of students participating the in a Master’s degree web-based curriculum through the University of Pretoria. Beaudoin is noted as one of the greatest contributors to this case study. The study was broken into various parts. To support the introduction and conclusion of the study, the body included: Background, Literature, Context of this study, Methodology, and the Discussion. A breakdown of each subtopic of this study will be discussed in this summary. I have taken several online classes prior to reading this study and I found it to be very supportive to my conclusive evaluation of the practice. Although this study was completed in 2009, I can relate that my prior experiences in online classes were parallel to the researcher’s findings. The introduction made the reader aware that there are challenges to online learning and that “the establishment of an online community is widely held as the most important prerequisite for successful course completion and depends on an interaction between a peer group and a facilitator” (Niagel, Blignaut, & Cronje, 2009). I found the opening statement of the author drew my attention to this study with this profound statement. Those words, in particular, made me realize that online learning is a 2-way street and is what we make it. In laymen’s terms “you get out of...

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