Read the Entire Bible in One Year

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“Read the entire bible in one year.”
Bible gateway is a great website where this can be accomplished. Bible Gateway is a searchable online bible website that is in over 100 versions and 50 languages. It has useful tools and information that can help the user fit this goal into their busy schedule.
I found this website as I was searching online for bible scriptures for certain topics. I found myself using it more and more and found the website easy to use and navigate. This website has user friendly tools and links to assist them in reading the bible everyday.
Some of the elements that the website have to accomplish this are,
Reading Plans – Bible reading plans that help the user walk through the entire Bible over the course of a year. The user also has the option of listening through audio.
Keyword searches - The user can search for keywords through the Bible and find scriptures using those keywords.
Passage lookups – The user can find bible versus by searching passages.
Devotionals – The user can read daily devotionals or subscribe to have a daily devotional emailed to them everyday.
Newsletters- The user can subscribe to a monthly newsletter and have it emailed to them every month.
Daily reminders - If the user misses a day or wants to read ahead, you can use the calendar to navigate forward or backward through the reading plan.
This website is not the fanciest website with a lot of cool graphics and flash motion effects or the latest videos but it has all the right tools to offer someone a great experience in reading the entire bible in one year.…...