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Reading and Technology

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Writing for me was never a struggle, I was just lazy. I learned to write better when I started college. I would practice writing more because I had to. My writing improved and I desired to write more. When a student doesn’t want to write because they feel they can’t, you can’t expect them to try. Writing is hard and messy; it takes will and caring enough to want to write. It’s that more interesting, stimulating and fun when you write about something that captures your interest to get students motivated to write.
I’ll start with one good old fashion method, “motivation.” Motivation plays an essential role in developing good writing skills. Teachers want to be able to present students with the materials and tools they need to gain their interest. It’s also important for them to have access to everything they need at their fingertips. What I also think would make a student’s successful at writing is to implement writing workshops daily, into their everyday curriculum. Routines and rituals are set-up for the workshops. This gives them something to look forward too. It’s a way to work out the things that they struggle with, like not getting enough writing or expectations of how much they should write about. They need to grow on those things, motivate them to focus and brainstorm on ideas and get those ideas down on paper. Motivate them to share and reflect on what they write about. Every day, during the beginning of the class, they start with an expectation for the activity, they will listen and think about what they write and then they will write and illustrate their own story. This might help them extend their thinking. The best story teller gets rewarded and published in the classroom. Rewarding students, gives them incentive and motivation to good writing skills students need to develop. We want students to respond to writing tasks. I believe that those that...

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