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Arnold Palmer Hospital Is First to Receive New FDA-Approved X-ray Imaging Technology

New System Dramatically Cuts Radiation Exposure for Young Patients


Geo Morales, APR

| |
|Orlando, FL (October 27, 2011) - Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is the first hospital in the United States to receive innovative |
|new x-ray imaging technology that decreases radiation exposure to young patients and produces high-quality images. The system, |
|manufactured by Siemens, is called Luminos Agile and received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in June 2011. |
|A key feature on the Luminos Agile system is a large flat-panel detector that enables physicians to examine an image that is up to 117 |
|percent larger than images generated by older technology. A larger image allows physicians to examine a wider area of the anatomy |
|without repositioning the patient - reducing scan times and radiation dose. |
|Luminos Agile delivers a package of features designed to increase patient comfort and enhance efficiency in the exam room. It offers the|
|flexibility of a table that adjusts height from 25 inches to 44 inches to easily accommodate children and patients with mobility |
|challenges. The adjustable table also has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and a 24-inch wide opening to provide easy access for |
|bariatric and immobile patients. It is the first to combine these features with an operator console positioned directly on the system |
|and not in another room, which improves patient experience and operating convenience for the staff. |
|"X-ray imaging technology is very important to the treatment we provide for so many of our...

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