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21 JANUARY 2013

In my life I have come across many life changing decisions and sometimes I haven’t always made the right choice or best choice, although I do learn from my choices and mistakes I have made throughout my life. Robert Frost makes this decision that everyone will at some point in their life have to make in his poem, “The Road Not Taken”. In this paper I will explain why this poem caught my interest, using terms and concepts from the text, describing one of the analytical approaches, using details from the text to support my interpretations, and evaluate the meaning of the poem, using the analytical approach I selected.
I am not usually drawn to poetry and normally would not choose a poem to analyze or to read for pleasure. In reading this week’s text I was drawn to “The Road Not Taken” because of its imagery which puts the reader right in front of a road which is forked and a decision is needed for further progress on the journey. In this poem so many individuals can relate to having to make decisions and coming to that point in their life where there is “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” (as cited in Clugston, 2010 Section 2.2). In this line of his poem he is referring to a decision you have to make and a decision everyone has to make in their life. I have come across many times having to decide on a path in which the decision would affect my life. For instance, I was at the bar and had a few too many drinks and the decision I came up on was how I was going to get home. I could have decided to drive myself and end up hurting myself and someone else but I decided to call a cab and get home safe. This decision could have impacted my life a lot more than most realize. Being able to relate to this poem really grasped my attention to this…...