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Ways of Reading Making a Mark At first the text of ways of reading sends the reader ways or techniques to quickly understand what each text means or stats. They give you certain things for you to retain and help you remember and use when reading books and other texts. For example one of the things that they give us to help us when reading, is read things more than once you begin to see things and catch things that you didn’t see when you read things the first time. After talking about small and great techniques they go on and tell you about some of the class room material and other books. They basically explain what each text book means and how things like key terms are a big part of reading. These key terms or main ideas helps you figure out the purpose of the text, when figuring this out it makes the reading a lot easier. The just go on and talk about the basic reader and how they could use certain things to retain the knowledge from certain reading materials. With these certain traits that readers have some become strong reads which help them understand harder experts and knowledge without heading and things like that. Reading to them is basically on a whole other level. From college reading learning to retain the knowledge and harder reading were you might have to work for certain extract basically helps you as a reader in a great way. Reading is just a big way of life and by reading this text it helped me understand and think about it in a whole other way and think about it as a big...

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