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Real Estate Law Final Study Guide

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Question | Answer | A break in the chain of title is considered a serious title defect | True | A common owner can waive his or her right to partition | True | A common owner cannot waive his or her right to partition | False | A corporate seller should provide the purchaser with a corporate resolution | True | A deed need not have consideration to be valid | False | A deed that covenants only against the lawful claims of people claiming by, though, or under the grantor is a limited warranty deed | True | A default by a landlord under the lease generally gives the tenant the right to | Sue the landlord for performance | A determination as to whether property is located in a flood hazard zone is made by the title examiner | False | A farm owner who gives a person permission to fish in his lake gives the person | License | A fee simple absolute estate has a potential infinite duration and unrestricted inheritability | True | A fee simple on condition subsequent estate automatically expires on the happening or nonhappening of the event stated in the deed of conveyance or the will creating the estate | False | A fixture is classified as real property | True | A foreign person affidavit is for the benefit of the purchaser | True | A foreign person affidavit is for the benefit of the seller | False | A foreign person affidavit is signed by the purchaser | False | A foreign person affidavit is signed by the seller | True | A hazard waste indemnity found in many real estate contracts is for the benefit of the seller | False | A judgment that has been recorded in the public records becomes a lien on all property of the judgment debtor owned at the time of recording as well as any future property acquired by the debtor | True | A landlord's basic remedies for tenant's default under the lease are | Sue the tenant for performance and...

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