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Dear Realtors:

The Irvine Company Apartment Communities is pleased to announce our Broker/Agent Referral Program that pays a commission of $300.00 per move-in on a lease of 6 months or greater. With over 76 communities throughout Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Tustin Ranch, we can offer you and your clients Orange County’s widest selection in apartment living. The Irvine Company also offers communities in San Diego/La Jolla, Santa Monica, Cupertino, San Jose and Redwood City.

Better yet, there is no need for you to accompany your client to our properties. Just call the rental living Apartment Information Center, speak with a housing specialist and we will personally meet with your client to discuss their specific needs. Or we can do a phone/web search for you, if you’d like to tour with them, personally.

Upon your client’s move-in, we will track & invoice the community on your behalf for your referral commission.

For your clients who need furnished apartments, we offer an extensive, all inclusive, Corporate and Furnished Housing Program, which includes furniture, house wares, and all utilities, with a 31-day minimum stay. Our IAC Suites apartments are totally ‘turn-key’ and perfect for your clients who are in-between homes, remodeling or vacationing in the area. Your month-to-month referrals pay a commission of $100.00.

Please review the Broker/Agent Referral Program detailed on the following page.

We are available to assist you and your clients today. You may call The rental living Apartment Information Center at (800) 422-5115 and for furnished or short-term apartment needs please contact IAC Suites at
(800) 422-5177.

We look forward to working with you.


Terri Ingram
Leasing Manager
rental living Apartment Information Center
Direct (949) 223-0805
Main (949) 223-0800
Toll Free (800) 422-5115

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